Olfactory Family Woody-Spicy

The black pepper absolute is used in perfumery for his warm, sensual and mysterious tones. It instills a sense of pleasant well-being; in fact, it has great energizing powers, invigorating, refreshing effects and revitalizing properties. It gives a feeling of totalizing vigor.


Olfactory Family Floral

The orange blossom absolute is extracted from the bitter orange flower (Citrus aurantium amara) which is extracted using special solvents and from which the orange blossom concrete is obtained. The next step is the extraction of the most precious absolute, obtained by washing with the alcohol of the concrete that gives off a rich and intense floral fragrance that recalls that of jasmine. Fragrant and revitalizing, it has powerful aromatherapy properties, its scent positively affects mood, instilling self-esteem and self-confidence.


Olfactory Family Floral

Jasmine absolute is one of the finest oils in perfumery. It is very sensual and aphrodisiac fragrance, very often is called “the queen of the night”. The absolute jasmine is applied in aromatherapy especially to intervene on the nervous system in case of people with psychological problems. It increases self-esteem and has relaxing properties. Its scent is seductive, sweet, floral and sensual. Excellent if sipped in massage oils, harmonizing in all blends, it creates unforgettable aromas. Perfect twist with: sandalwood, neroli, bergamot, orange, vanilla, champaca, tuberose, geranium and rose.


Olfactory Family Fruity – Floral

The black currant absolute is a very particular fragrance. It could be described as a walk in the thick of a green forest, full of fruits and wild flowers. It is at the same time a reassuring, fresh and invigorating perfume, which allows you to create unique fragrances. The black currant absolute can also be used in traditional medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is produced in France from the plant buds. Very rare it is highly appreciated in perfumery.


Olfactory Family Floral

Iris absolute can be a very powerful mucolytic. Also used in case of dermatitis, it is a powerful healing agent. It is a super power anti-wrinkle in cosmetic preparations. Very precious, it is obtained from the roots, dried for 3 years. It is a natural remedy used to stabilize the psyche and mood swings, able to soothe past traumas, lighten and rearrange ideas, instills a profound sense of balance and peace. It has an intense seductive aroma with marked aphrodisiac properties. Perfect twist with: vanilla, light woods, rosewood, tuberose and rose.


Olfactory Family Oriental – Floral

Vanilla absolute is a precious extract used very often in perfumery. Its aromatherapy properties are considered an analgesic remedy and, combined with massage oil in case of a stomach ache, can be a real effective cure. The intense perfume of vanilla absolute gives security and self-esteem and also helps prevent anxiety. Children love this sweet and comfortable fragrance due to its warming properties. Perfect twist with: Tonka, Neroli, Sandalwood and Mandarin Fava.

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