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Cod. 2244

Hypno Casa offers many different gift ideas, solutions that bring together some products that express the highest quality and fragrances that we study specifically for you. The products of the different packs are designed to integrate and to be used together: in this way fragrances will fill the air of your everyday’s life and will accompany you at all times. In fact, the washcloth is perfect to be washed, like all laundry, with concentrated perfume, which will give it an unparalleled fragrance and softness. Gift ideas are a unique opportunity to try our products, to test the aromas and the exceptional Made in Italy quality, but most of all to make a really useful, welcome and exciting gift.


  • Washcloth+perfumed soft boards+laundry concentrated perfume 100 ml
  • Washcloth+perfumed soft boards allergen free+laundry concentrated perfume 100 ml allergen free
  • Washcloth+ceramic+laundry concentrated perfume 100 ml
  • Washcloth+ceramic+laundry concentrated perfume 100 ml allergen free
  • Wooden sticks diffuser 100 ml+laundry concentrated perfume 100 ml

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