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Cod. 4323B

The Hypno Square line combines sophisticated lines and a modern character with compelling, lively and engaging fragrances, to perfume and decorate any room with taste. Fragrances with a unique style, suitable for many different ambients and available in different formats, from the smallest, for intimate and private rooms, to large ones, for large ambients and commercial activities. Thanks to the sticks, the fragrances are released continuously and gradually, to last a long time. The Hypno Square stick diffusers release fragrances that surround you and help you to always be yourself, in every occasion.

Sizes: 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 2500ml

Colors: Nero, Bordeaux, Cognac, Grey, Light blue

The Hypno Square sticks diffuser is also available in the large 2500ml size. Refined and elegant, it is ideal for discreetly and gradually perfuming large rooms such as hotel lobbies, halls and much more. It is also a furnishing accessory with simple and clean lines, perfect for decorating with style.

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