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With the official products you can always bring Milan on your skin. Milan perfume diffusers are produced under official license from Milan. Spread the smell of your passion in the air and support your team with all the senses. Wooden Stick diffusers, perfumed soft boards and car perfume present the official Milan logo, along with the traditional red and black colors.

The Milan line can count on many different products, designed and manufactured for various needs and applications. The wooden sticks diffuser is ideal for perfuming your home ambient, and more. The scent spreads slowly and gradually, to last a long time. The scented soft boards are soft to touch and distinguished by the Milan logo, as well as the traditional red and black colors. Perfect for perfuming wardrobes and drawers, but also for the car, they are a true and complete experience of the senses. Do you want to show your passion in the car? Choose the car fragrance in the shape of a heart, and support your team even in the car, in daily journeys or on long journeys. Easy to place on the air conditioning vents, thanks to the convenient clip, it makes your car more beautiful and makes everyone understand that this is the car of a real fan!


      • Wooden sticks diffuser:Red 100 ml, Black 100 ml,  
      • Perfumed soft boards: Red, Black
      • Car perfume Heart: Red,Black

Colors: Red, and Black

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