Fabric Fresheners Talco baby

Perfume your fabrics with style and delicacy. Formulation created without allergens to perfume the fabrics in a delicate and light. Ideal for the most sensitive skin like those of our baby.

Our fragrances are designed not to stain fabrics.

Fragrance: Talco Baby Wash
The combination of Violet’s blossoms note is enhanced by the elegance of the Rose, create a composition caracterized by the fresh and cocooning tones. The heart rich and voluminous, composed byJasmine and White Flowers, blends with Vanilla and White Musk nuances.


Advices for Use and Duration

Spray directly on fabrics, curtains, sofas, carpets and linen. It can also be used inside the car. It smells and regenerates neutralizing bad smells.
Attention, do not use on the skin and on particularly delicate fabrics such as silk.
For a proper use of the products, carefully follow the instructions for use on the package.

Olfactory pyramid


Violet - Rose


Jasmine - White Flowers


Vanilla - Musk