Fabric Fresheners Giardino fiorito

Perfume your fabrics with fragrances readily biodegradable that respect the environment.

WHAT DOES READILY BIODEGRADABLE MEAN? According to the protocol used, Sturm Method, a substance or material is considered readily biodegradable when out of 28 days overall, it reaches 60% of degradation.

Our fragrances are the result of an eco-friendly formulation with low environmental impact supported by extensive laboratory tests with relative quality certification.

Fragrance: Giardino Fiorito

The sweet Orange, wrapped in the aromatic and regenerating embrace of Mint slips gently towards a heart with a flowery character where White Rose, Jasmine Sambac, Pelargonio and Lily of the valley intertwine their petals in a beautiful dance of floral notes. The bottom is warm and reassuring thanks to the blend of Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Precious Woods and the timeless White Musk.


Advices for Use and Duration

Spray directly on fabrics, curtains, sofas, carpets and linen. It can also be used inside the car. It smells and regenerates neutralizing bad smells. Attention, do not use on the skin and on particularly delicate fabrics such as silk.

For a proper use of the products, carefully follow the instructions for use on the package.

Olfactory pyramid


Sweet Orange - Gentle Mint - Fresh Green Notes


White Rose - Sambac Jasmine - Pelargonium - Lily Of The Valley


Sweet Vanilla - Tonka Bean - Precious Woods - White Musc