Fabric Fresheners Passione

Refined raw materials and creativity give rise to perfumes for inspired to luxury fabrics, refined, unique and unmistakable. Perfumes bind to fabrics. Add character to fabrics with a simple touch of style.

Our fragrances are formulated not to stain and leave streaks on the fabrics.

Fragrance: Passione

A refreshing and clean fragrance… Opens with a splash of fragrance: Sea Breeze, Sweet Orange and Green Notes. These aquatic nuances mixed with Damask Rose and White Flowers to create an aromatic fragrance that is both fresh and relaxed.


Advice for Use and Durability

Spray directly on fabrics, sheets, curtains, sofas, carpets and linen. It can also be used inside the car. It smells and regenerates neutralizing bad smells.
Attention, do not use on the skin and on particularly delicate fabrics such as silk. Ideal also to perfume fabrics after ironing.

For proper use of the products, carefully follow the instructions for use on the package.

Olfactory pyramid


Sea Breeze - Sweet Orange - Green Notes


Damask Rose - White Flowers


Sea Woods - Sandalwood - Musks