Laundry Concentrated Perfume Passione

Refined raw materials and creativity give rise to concentrated essences for inspired to luxury laundry, refined, unique and unmistakable perfumes. Perfumes bind to fabrics. Give fabrics freshness with a simple touch of style.

Concentrated scented essences for laundry persistent for days and days also using the dryer. They reduce the formation of bad smells on our laundry, especially wet ones. They do not stain and do not leave streaks. The intensity of the fragrance varies depending on the amount of product poured.

Fragrance: Passione

A refreshing and clean fragrance… Opens with a splash of marine fragrances: Sea Breeze, Sweet Orange and Green Notes. These aquatic nuances blend with Damask Rose and White Flowers to create an aromatic fragrance that is both fresh and relaxed.

Advices for Use and Duration

In the washing machine, pour 1 or 2 caps of product into the softener tray depending on the intensity of the scent you want to obtain. By hand: add 1 or 2 caps of product in 5 liters of water and immerse the items well washed and rinsed. Caution: if poured can damage the surfaces, in such a case clean immediately.

For proper use of the products, carefully follow the instructions for use on the package.

Olfactory pyramid


Sea Breeze - Sweet Orange - Green Notes


Damask Rose - White Flowers


Sea Woods - Sandalwood - Musks