Perfume refill for catalytic lamp diffuser Sandalo nobile

The refills for fragrance diffusers with catalytic lamp perfume your ambients in an intense and refined way.

Fragrance: Sandalo Nobile

The fragrance starts on a blend of Bergamot and Orange. Sandalwood and Lavender are at the heart of the composition. Oriental bottom notes of Vanilla are mixed with woody tones of Patchouli and White Musk


Advices for Use and Duration

Be careful not to spill the fragrance as some types of surfaces may get damaged. In case it does, we suggest to clean immediately.
The color of the fragrance may vary with the passage of time due to the natural process of maturation.

For a proper use of the products, carefully follow the instructions for use on the package.

Ambients of use

Discover the most suitable environments in which to place fragrances. View the PDF HERE.

Olfactory pyramid


Bergamot - Orange


Sandalwood - Lavender


Vanilla - Patchouly - White Musks