Puffed rice with a readily biodegradable fragrance Petali di Rosa

Perfume your small spaces like cabinets, drawers and shoe racks with natural puffed rice scented with fragrances readily biodegradable that respect the environment. It can also be used while vacuuming.

WHAT DOES READILY BIODEGRADABLE MEAN? According to the protocol used, Sturm Method, a substance or material is considered readily biodegradable when out of 28 days overall, it reaches 60% of degradation.

Our fragrances are the result of an eco-friendly formulation with low environmental impact supported by extensive laboratory tests with relative quality certification.

Fragrance: Petali di Rosa

The sparkling notes of Lemon and Neroli are intertwined with the energizing notes of The Leaves, blending harmoniously with Damask Rose, Jasmine and Pelargonio. A sublime sillage of Cedar Wood, amber notes and White Musk blazes in a sparkling background and incomparable intensity.


Advices for Use and Duration

For use in drawers, cabinets and shoe racks, pour half of the contents of the bottle inside the fabric bag Hypno Casa and close it with the special velcro band. When the perfume is exhausted repeat the operation. For use in a vacuum cleaner. Pour a tablespoon of rice on the floor and vacuum.
A pleasant scent will envelop your home.

For a proper use of the products, carefully follow the instructions for use on the package.

Olfactory pyramid


Lemon - Neroli


Damask Rose - Jasmine - Pelargonium - Tea Leaves


Cedarwood - Ambery Notes - White Musc