Refill car perfume heart Charme

Class is the true essence of elegance. Love Traveling in an Elegant and refined ambient with the New Luxury Fragrances for cars. Fragrances designed to represent the most modern olfactory trends that can come from different countries and cultures, each of them with characteristic notes, combined with names that evoke the soul and character, make the product unique and unmistakable.
Made through a blend of non-toxic polymers and fragrances to give a pleasant fragrant feeling inside the car.

Fragrance: Charme

An intense note that expresses, a feeling of warm welcome, well-being and comfort. The floral notes of black orchid, rose and neroli, combine with the most unexpected notes of raspberry. In the bottom, the precious sandalwood, marries enveloping notes of vanilla and musk.


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Advices for Use and Duration

Insert the charger into the holder. Insert the product into the grilles of the air vent. The intensity of the perfume can be adjusted through the greater or lesser opening of the vent. To underline that with the hot air the fragrance reaches its maximum expansion while with the air conditioning on its effectiveness is reduced
The duration of the product varies from 30 to 45 days depending on the outside temperature. Important to make the product work better, direct the air coming out of the vents of the car to the same. For proper use of the products, carefully follow the instructions for use on the package.

Olfactory pyramid


Aldehyds Notes - White Peach - Bergamot - Neroli


Ylang Ylang - Lily Of The Valley - Iris - Taif Rose


Vanilla - Vetyver - Patchouly - Oakmoss - Sandalwood