Water soluble fragrance Rosso Divino

Fragrances created with a suitable formulation to be mixed with water. Particularly suitable for use with humidifiers, also ultrasonic and wood heating.

Fragrance: Rosso Divino

A pleasant fragrance distinguished by a Fruity – Vanilla character. The freshness of citrus meets soft Petals of Rose, Peach and Red Grape. In the base the scent expresses the deep riches of Vanilla and Musk.


Advices for Use and Duration

Add 8/10 drops of essence to the water to perfume the ambient.

For a proper use of the products, carefully follow the instructions for use on the package.

Ambients of use

Discover the most suitable ambients in which to place fragrances. View the PDF HERE.

Olfactory pyramid


Lemon - Orange - Mandarin


Peach - Red Grape - Rose


Vanilla - Musk