Water soluble fragrance with essential oils Energia

Fragrances created with natural essential oils, formulated to be mixed with water. Particularly suitable for use with humidifiers, including ultrasonic ones and scent warmers.

Fragranza: Energia

Lemon, Orange and Lemongrass…a hesperidian blend with sparkling, bubbly scents. With the endless freshness of their notes they give an immediate burst of energy also reinforced by Eucalyptus essential oil. In particular, Lemongrass leaves ward off negativity by helping us to think positively. An energizing fragrance capable of promoting good humor and positivity.


Advice for Use

Add 8-10 drops of essence to the water to scent the environment. For proper use of the products, carefully follow the usage instructions provided on the package.

Olfactory pyramid


Lemon - Orange - Lemongrass - Neroli


White Flowers - Lily Of The Valley - Eucalyptus


Spicy Notes - Pinewood