Water soluble fragrance with essential oils Forza e vigore

Fragrances created with natural essential oils, formulated to be mixed with water. Particularly suitable for use with humidifiers, including ultrasonic ones and scent warmers.

Fragranza: Forza e Vigore

The composition begins with an invigorating and fresh citrus accord of Lemon and Orange swirling toward a heart sublimated by a revitalizing cloud of spices. Eucalyptus blends with fine Spruce essential oil to create a fortifying and balancing fragrance capable of bestowing strength and vigor and giving us a moment to recharge our energy.


Advice for Use

Add 8-10 drops of essence to the water to scent the environment. For proper use of the products, carefully follow the usage instructions provided on the package.

Olfactory pyramid


Orange - Lemon Zest - Fresh Green Notes


Eucalyptus - Cinnamon - Warm Spices


White Spruce - Tonka Bean