Wooden Stick Diffuser Vaniglia sensuale

Class is the true essence of elegance. Raw materials sought to make special the place where we live. Each fragrance has been designed to represent the most modern olfactory trends that can come from different countries and cultures, each of them with characteristic notes, combined with names that evoke the soul and character. The particular care of the fragrance, the worked wood and the shaded glass, make our diffusers unique and precious furnishing elements in the true tradition of Italian excellence.

Fragrance: Vaniglia Sensuale

This fragrance tells the story of a journey to the distant Malagasy land where vanilla flowers are hand-pollinated by village women at morning twilight… Thus they grow in the midst of the redundant vegetation where the Ylang trees gently caress the pods. An enveloping composition, a mix of oriental, fruity and floral notes capable of evoking a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Advices for Use and Duration

The sticks absorb the essence for capillarity and spread it in the ambient. At the first use it is necessary to soak the sticks for an hour and then turn them upside down. It is recommended to use all the supplied sticks.
We recommend turning the sticks at least once a day for a greater intensity of the fragrance in the ambient.
The duration of a fragrance depends on the characteristics of the ambient in which it is located, its size, its temperature, direct sunlight and air currents that can accelerate evaporation.
Be careful when turning the sticks not to pour the fragrance as some types of surfaces may remain damaged. In such a case, we suggest to clean immediately.
Do not place the diffuser on polished, painted or painted surfaces, on electrical equipment, near or above heat sources. The color of the fragrance may vary over the time due to the natural process of maturation. The sticks can be reused for the same fragrance, in any case we recommend not to do it more than twice. Choose the size of the bottle in according to the area you want to perfume. The essence diffuser should be placed at man height. For medium sized rooms it is preferable to put the diffuser in the center of the room so, when people pass, the air moves and the fragrance spread around.

For larger rooms it is preferable to have two placed on opposite sides of the room that you want to perfume.

Ambient fragances
For a good diffusion of the fragrance we recommend:
for ambients from 5 to 10 sqm* 1 or 2 bottles of 100 ml
for ambients from 10 to 20 sqm* 1 or 2 bottles of 250 ml
for ambients from 20 to 30 sqm* 1 or 2 bottles of 500 ml
for ambients from 30 to 50 sqm* 1 or 2 bottles of 1750 ml

For proper use of the products, carefully follow the instructions for use on the package.

Ambients of Use

Discover the most suitable ambients in which to place fragrances. View the PDF HERE.

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